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            Add: No.116, North Building 301, Chengdu Road, HepingDistrict,Tianjin 
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            Fax: 86 22 23127132
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            Tianjin handy-carry Logistics Co., Ltd., approved by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic, PRC is the 1st grade international freight forwarder corporation in China and a full member of the CIFA (China International Freight Forwarders Association), with its main business covering international shipping, air cargo forwarding, warehousing, Customs declaration, domestic shipping, Trucking, Insurance, and multimodal transportation services. Our company has always been upholding “Clients First” and “Honest Operation” as its business Bible, by working hard to create values to the society.
            By virtue of its intrinsic strengths and incessant efforts of its professional team, our company has ......
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            Add: No.116, North Building 301, Chengdu Road, HepingDistrict,Tianjin Tel: 86-22-58197111 Fax: 86 22 58197180 Suport:28web